The mosquitoes between our toes

This morning Nel asked me to put suntan lotion where she can’t reach, so I stuck it on top of the aircon unit hehehe hehehehe.
The mozzies have methodically started eating me. My right leg has been drained and now they’ve started on my left leg, which is contrary to the way you eat here. All the courses come together and you just dive in. We’re trying to follow etiquette so why can’t they? Especially after I’d doused myself in DDT last night which is now probably coursing through my bloodstream.
We’re on the beach at Cha Am and it’s a two day Thai holiday so it’s packed. Thais are very modest and they go in the water fully clothed, shorts and shirts but they don’t seem at all bothered by westerners in bikinis and they don’t stare at our reddening skin.
In fact it seems they are duty bound to smile if you smile at them. A kind of cultural sweetness. And not the kind of nodding acknowledgement to a bloke in a bar but a massive toothy smiley eye smile, and if they come trying to sell you something, you smile and shake your head and say no, thank you and they smile back and leave you alone.
The pavements are places for street vendors to set up shop selling squiddy things on sticks and octopuses on sticks and glistening wriggly things that I’ve never seen before but Jacques Cousteau has probably filmed eating plankton before they were skewered and cooked.
A lot of the sellers have little motorbikes which they have welded frames to, housing a deep fryer and a gas cylinder and trays where all the squiddy things are laid out, and there is not an inch of pavement to walk on, so you step into the relentlessly oncoming stream of cars and bikes and pushbikes and busses like everyone else and surprisingly you don’t get hit. It seems to be the way, though god only knows how, a little motorbike will just swerve slightly and everything is ok.
This morning coaches came bringing holidayers, each one with a sound system that Pink Floyd would be happy to play Wembley with and two of them had the entire front, windscreen, radiator an all festooned with headlamps. There were eighty, and I know this cos I took a picture and counted them at my leisure, with an area about 18 inches high to peer out of. The coach you could see was painted incredibly and lacquered and polished. Bonkers, only it’s not, it’s holiday so it’s not every day but it’s fairly normal, from what we’ve learned from Kev and Jayne.
They’re coming to join us for a break from the city for couple of nights.
Going out for dinner now


3 thoughts on “The mosquitoes between our toes

  1. So pleased to hear you are enjoying yourselves although I dont like the sound of the food but I envy the heat without the mossies.Love to you all Mom, Dave and Pauline xxx

  2. Well Andy, it seems as though you are the missing Theroux brother (or ladyboy- topical!!!), loving the blogs only one complaint…… You having too much fun to update-its been a couple of days and nothing tut tut! Luv and thought pile-ons xx

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