The jellyfish between our toes

Yesterday we went for a dip in the ocean. Again. Nel said “is that a jellyfish,” pointing at a thing in the water that looked a bit like a jellyfish. No I said, it’s a plastic bag. It’s not she said, it’s a jellyfish! No no, it’s a plastic bag.
It’s not, really! She insisted. Well it’s got a label on it I pointed out, and it did, but the label did say jellyfish. So she was right, in a way.
When we got here last Friday it was holiday for Thais and we were sweaty and hungry carrying our rucksacks, so to get our bearings we stopped at a little pizza stall owned by an Italian man and his Thai wife. The pizza was good and the proprietor, with little English told us where to head and for the hotels, about 400 to 500 baht. Eight to ten pounds per night.
We walked down there, only about half a mile, and asked in a couple of places but they were well over that, and so when we found a hotel for 700 per night we booked a couple of nights thinking we’d find somewhere cheaper later, Kev and Jayne came to join us and they reckoned its a bargain so we thought if we can negotiate a price down a bit we’d stay there til we go back to Bangkok at Christmas.
We were really pleased to negotiate down to 500 a night, the girl on reception agreed right away, but then, on the board outside we noticed the price had come down from seven to five per night, the cost being inflated for holiday. And we thought we’d done good, not so bloody clever as we’d thought.
K & J still reckon it’s a good deal though.
There’s not much to do except swim. I could post a picture of the beach and it would look like a tropical paradise, but in truth, the road runs parallel about 100 feet away.
I like to float and the water here is very saline, so if you lie back and put your hands behind your head, you just bob there, buoyed up by the water. Nel lay on the sand reading a phrase book and making notes, trying to make sense of this language and figure out how to get a bus while I was floating, listening to the water lap over me being lazy and not learning anything at all. Ten minutes went by and I opened my eyes to see where I was, and something slipped under the water not six feet from me. Christwhatthehellisthat! I shrieked to myself. Oh, I thought, it’s my foot. So that’s ok then. Freaked myself out with my own toes I did.
Tonight for dinner I ate the hottest dish yet invented, and I will hear no argument about this. It was basil and chilli beef, in roughly equal proportions. I imagine, and I’ve thought about this in the hours since, that if you were to eat a radio controlled aircraft made of basil, flown into your face which then exploded, I imagine that would be quite close. Nel looked on anxiously, slowly chewing her green curry with wide eyes. She could sense there was trouble brewing.
I was amazed when Andy actually finished all his chili beef – even the Thai waitress warned it was spicy and as practically all the dishes are spicy in Thailand that was a warning to heed – his face looked like a tomato on fire and he spoke like a wide mouth frog trying to fool you into thinking he had a tiny mouth – I tried it and it was really bloody hot! I’m expecting to be woken in the early hours by Andy’s screaming as it works it’s way through!


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