The Last Post

Nel’s bothersome tiny ear has held us up for the last few days, it got bad again so we went to find a doctor. He suggested we went to see another doctor, an eary, nosy, throaty kind of guy who, it turned out was right at the end of the alley where we’re stopping. This man took his machine, squirted the crap out and she felt better immediately. Thank Christ for that! She’d been kept awake all night and she was in a lot of pain.
There was still infection, so he prescribed antibiotics, more ear drops and some blue pills which we have no idea about at all but we think might be an anti-inflammatory.
I looked up the antibiotics and they’re licensed for use with animals everywhere throughout the world except for Thailand, where they’re licenced for use by humans.
We think the medical facilities will be better here than in Cambodia, and I’m not saying that with irony.
We bought some penicillin in a pharmacy in case she has any more problems, the proper stuff we’re hoping. And lots of tiger balm for mosquito bites.
So now that she’s feeling better we’ve booked travel to Cambodia.
According to the websites you can get a songthaw to Klong yei, then another to the border. Whatever. We’ve booked a minibus to the border where you pick up a big bus for the 4 hour trip to Sihanokville.
The border may be a problem. The border men expect to take a little bit more than the twenty dollars it costs for a visa, so some people say. Others say it doesn’t happen anymore. We’d thought about getting a visa online but decided against that and then met a German bloke who got ripped off. You don’t know who or what to believe, and it’s really best to not even look at the online forums.
You do, however, need dollars. U.S. Dollars, they don’t really like their own currency very much and it’s all very confusing and I must admit, I find it quite stressful and daunting.
It’s that you’re completely at the mercy of people who’re a lot poorer than we are and we don’t recognize a single syllable of what they say. It’s all scary.
We met another English couple in the bar, weirdly they must be the only other English couple in Asia who also live on a boat. How weird is that?
Hello Paul and Sarah, if you’re listening. See you in England some time.
Trat is not a pretty place in all honesty. We went down to the river, thinking it would be pretty and tranquil. Not really, it’s a slow moving green, slightly greasy looking ditch, much like the canal back home but with concrete banks like the waterways that slurp through towns and cities back home.
There is a good coffee shop owned by a slightly chubby, very smiley woman who was really nice to us and gave us two temple amulets, really lovely keepsakes.
There’s a cafe on the corner owned by a hippy lady with ambient music and incense and wild rice, and frogs in the bowl of water reeds outside the front that sound like quizzical dogs barking quietly into buckets, and there’s a good little bar run by a lovely woman called Sao, pronounced to rhyme with sow.
Tomorrow then we have to be at the pick up place at six, which means we need to be up early. Our final destination is a place called Koh Rong Samloen that sounds beautiful. It’s an eco resort apparently where they encourage guests to help teach the locals English and help clear the beach. There’s electricity for six hours per day and I think there must be some internet because we booked online, but this could be the last post for a while.

Well we confirmed there’s no WiFi on the island so this is the last post for over a week plobly


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